Convincing businesses to invest in graphic design to support their marketing capabilities is never easy as it brings on additional costs. We are sincerely appreciative for clients that trust us with our expertise. Seeing our clients leverage the marketing advantage we provide is truly rewarding and reinforces the value of our collaboration.


The upcoming new year brings a sense of uncertainty, especially with the increasing prominence of AI and machine learning, which could potentially replace certain jobs, contingent upon the speed of AI advancements and self-improvement. Additionally, businesses in Singapore are poised to confront rising costs attributed to inflation. Notably, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is set to increase to 9%, while electricity prices are expected to climb due to higher taxes on carbon emissions for power generation companies.


With all these in mind, here are some of our thoughts and plans for 2024.


Machine Learning, Automation and AI
In 2023, we leveraged ChatGPT to help us with content creation for our clients. It really helped us to have this “idea starter” whenever we need a fresh marketing idea. From the general idea provided by ChatGPT, we were able to expedite the copywriting process and refine it to make it our own. This helps us save time and provide the client with what they need. 


We are currently experimenting with AI to help us create/edit more images for advertisements. In 2024, we will be constantly learning and upgrading our skills to integrate more AI into our work.


Closing the Marketing Loop
Through close collaboration with our clients, we successfully completed a total of 5 trade show booths and events this year. Leveraging our graphic design expertise, we efficiently designed and executed these booths within tight timelines. Grateful for our clients’ trust, we have expanded our capabilities to include photography/videography, backdrop setup, corporate gifts, and logistics, ensuring comprehensive solutions for their diverse needs.


In 2024, we will be looking for more clients to onboard our comprehensive marketing end-to-end support. Making sure that everything you need for marketing can always be found at Jushfoundry.


Retainer Program
Rising costs will give companies more reasons to outsource their graphic design needs in 2024. We firmly believe that as businesses experience the flexibility and consistency that outsourcing brings to graphic design, the entire marketing process becomes more streamlined.  Achieving consistency in marketing materials enables businesses to foster progressive brand growth and enhance communication with customers.


Our retainer program provides this consistency by supporting marketing teams with our graphic design expertise. For a set amount of required design works per month, we can provide a tailored quote to seamlessly become the graphic designer on your team.


Marketing for Smaller Businesses
Smaller companies have smaller budget and sometimes can be quite difficult to convince to do any form of marketing. Without any marketing capabilities, there is a risk of limiting the ability to attract new customers and also losing out on the chance to increase market share. 


In 2024, we will be introducing a new initiative mitigate the risk of marketing budget inefficiencies, while also supporting businesses with promising potential.l by charging our marketing rates progressively.


Thank You 2023
As we bid farewell to 2023, we want to express our sincere gratitude for the unwavering support you’ve given to us throughout the year. Your trust and partnership have been the cornerstone of our success, inspiring us to reach new heights. We deeply appreciate the collaborative journey we’ve shared, and we look forward to continuing to serve all our clients with dedication and innovation in the coming year.


We hope 2024 will be a canvas for success and growth, filled with achievements and memorable moments.


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