What stood out most to us was our client’s genuine commitment to serving up delectable Thai cuisine to their customers, especially their popular Seafood Bucket Buffet Promotion that promises a plethora of ocean delicacies.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning for the business to trust us with their marketing, especially after having many different experiences with various marketing companies. Gaining the client’s trust in our marketing capabilities is becoming an increasingly difficult task but we believe in doing our best sincerely to help every single one of our clients. Building a sustainable brand takes time and in time, our clients and their customers can tell the difference.

Here is a short story about how we it all started with Bucketta on their marketing needs.

The Start of Something New
Our clients at Bucketta were actively engaging our graphic design services since 2020 when they first got to know about us. One day, they presented us with the opportunity to work together on their marketing efforts. We were hesitant at first because we had limited experience in the subject.

Exploring Uncharted Waters
At that point in time, we also wanted to take on marketing jobs to expand our offerings to clients . We took up the challenge and started working on their social media pages (Instagram and Facebook). With our extensive knowledge in graphic design, we were able to create advertisements fast. This includes content planning, image creation and copywriting. This gave them the advantage because they acquired the ability to put out messages instantly to communicate with their customers.

Research is Important
We began with doing a comprehensive study on their market, competitors, target audiences as well as their operational procedures. This step was necessary for us to identify areas that can be improved. By identifying these key areas, we can provide them with our best advice based on our vast experience.

Problem Solving
One of the problems we had identified was that their location was often misunderstood. Many customers didn’t know Golden Mile Tower is still operational and that Golden Mile Complex was the one that was closed down.

Strategic Approach
Our goal was to allow potential customers know that Golden Mile Tower is still open. To solve this issue, we created 2 posts to spread awareness. 1 post telling customers that the place is operational and the other, a map with information on how to get there. With the help of ad creation and boosting, it made more customers curious about Bucketta.

This is just one example of how we helped market their brand with our exerptise in graphic design. There are also many other factors that can decide the success of any marketing campaign. At this point of writing We are also doing a lot more for them in terms of marketing (might write about in future).

It’s not Marketing Only
We are helping to build the brand. Every piece of marketing that comes out of your business plays a part in branding. It is not easy for businesses to see the value of marketing because of how vague it is, but when done properly, not only do you have more customers, your brand value will also increase.

Sometimes, marketing won’t generate the outcome you want because nobody can predict how the market will react. This is why we are always grateful for those clients that stick with us through thick and thin. Together we can create something special. 

Our advice is to keep running different marketing campaigns within your budget to see what works best for your brand. We believe that with graphic design, your marketing possibilities can become limitless. Click here to find out more about our marketing capabilities