Why your first Logo Design might not be that Important

Your first logo will not always be your final logo, What's going on in your company is much more important than that first logo design.

What is a logo for?

When you start a business, a logo is necessary for your entrepreneurial journey because you will need to create a company to run it. The logo serves almost like a flag, it is to identify and differentiate you from other companies. Common logos will most likely contain an insignia, some accompanying message and your company name.

What can a logo for you?

Your logo differentiates you from your competitors. When starting a business, it doesn't matter how well-designed your logo looks like, it is what you do that matters. It takes time and effort to build a strong reputation in your market. This strong reputation will depend on your quality of products as well as the service provided through a certain period of time (it took us 2 years). Even though the initial look for your logo is not that important, We always advice clients to engage a professional designer to do it so that your company look professional to your target audiences because your logo represents you.

When will your logo become important?

There are many well-known brands that change their logo quite often throughout the years. When your company becomes more prominent, it is important to retain some of the core elements within your initial logo (such as company name) so that your clients can relate to the same brand that has served them well for so long. You should always stick to a logo for a few years to build that identity, every change will always come with a risk because nobody knows how the market will react to the change.

If you're starting a business, its always good to have a logo professionally done only if you can afford to. There are many free applications online to help you create your first logo yourself, although generic, it's something that looks professional that can make your company look good.

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