What we've learnt with our pricing

We understand that some clients consider graphic design an unnecessary spending. This is why we price all our graphic design services realistically to help sincere business owners with their marketing. It's not easy to understand the value of graphic design because this is a long-term game and it's difficult to measure.

Time Taken and Difficulty of Execution

This is where we get really realistic about expectations. Time taken in this case is not only the time taken to complete your project, it includes the time that we took to acquire the skills needed to work on your project. We are really fast and efficient because of our vast experience in this industry and it takes time to develop. Different works require different kinds of execution, some maybe simpler than another. We will advice accordingly after looking at what is provided. We will never intend to overcharge any client because we we really want to provide value for the money that you're paying. We will only take up jobs that we feel that we can add value to.

Why do we require upfront payment?

Conceptual works such as logo or campaigns will definitely require upfront payment because ideas can get taken away from a designer very easily. There are many cases where some clients took the idea from a designer and executed it with a different designer, this is really unethical. We are very transparent and upfront with our rates for our clients; we also expect clients to trust us to a certain extent when they decide to engage us. We will only allow staggered payments for projects that are really extensive. However payment terms can be discussed after our initial conversation, this allows us to better gauge the situation and the level of trust required to make things work. We've worked with big companies that can only do payment after a certain period, we will always try our best to understand and make things work.

Of course, long-term clients will get better rates

It's all about relationship-building in our business. It's not easy to find a client who understands the value in graphic design as well as developing that positive working relationship to get the work done properly and efficiently. We are in the communications business therefore communication between us and the client is very important. If we can't even communicate our intentions to our clients, what more to your target audiences?

Trust is essential when it comes to engaging a graphic designer. Take a look at some of their works carefully to see if it's something you like, because design can be subjective. Once you've make your decision, stick to it for the first project to see how it goes. You can change your designer after the first job is done (unless it's really going haywire, we've helped many clients clean this up before), everyone is constantly learning so it's okay to have different opinions.

When we first started out, we allowed some clients to haggle for a lower price so as to try our services. If the price is unrealistic, this is the first sign that the client does not and more likely will not understand the value of graphic design. From there, we learnt that the really sincere clients are willing to invest their money to pay the full sum because they trust our expertise and will not haggle too much. The irony in this is that clients who tend to negotiate for lower prices expect much more work that those who are paying the full sum. There is also this "promise" for more jobs in the future that might not happen.

We no longer believe in the "promise" of future jobs unless it happens, although we might take it into consideration. We are constantly learning, but also thankful for clients who place their trust in us for their graphic design. We hope to find more business owners and marketers that are really sincere to improve their business through professional graphic design. Join us on our entrepreneurial journey, stay tune for more interesting posts!

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