Graphic Design Guidelines

Here are some information to help you get your graphic design done with Jushfoundry.

Prepare your brief (Content and Images)

Before contacting us, it's always good to have an idea of what you want in mind. You might also want to source for references online (from Pinterest, Google, etc.) to determine the look and feel you are going for. Content and images are usually provided by client unless it's being paid for. We are full capable of doing copywriting as well as sourcing images for clients online. Brief us on your requirements and we will advice on the possible outcomes. We are always trying to keep to our standards so it's important to take a look at some of our work to see what you're getting yourself into.

Production time and changes

We usually take 2-3 days or even same day (if time allows) to complete the first draft for works that are quite straight forward. From the first draft, we offer up to 3 minor changes to finalise your design. you might be thinking what does a minor change mean. Minor changes means changing some elements of design within the artwork. A rework of the first draft is not considered a minor change. We will not charge if the change is really minor, such as replacing some text. We are really blessed to have many clients who understand and respect the nature of our work.

Project completion

We will not hand over working files under any circumstances unless it's discussed beforehand. We will provide high resolution files for print (if the work is for print) or Digital files for you to use once the project is done. We will always ask for consent before adding your works into our portfolio or Instagram page because we respect every single client who place their trust in us.

Important things to note

Please take a look at our works before deciding to engage us. There will be no refund once payment is made. We do not provide options for your design unless it's being paid for. For first-timers, If you think you know graphic design better than us, it's advisable to look elsewhere (this is very important, because time is precious). We always do our best and advice accordingly for every single one of our clients because of your trust in us for your graphic design.

We are always keen to work with sincere clients on a long-term basis to provide you with a reliable and efficient graphic design place to go to for all your marketing needs. Contact us today to experience the difference with our reliable and efficient graphic design services.

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