Over the past 5 years, we’ve introduced many clients to graphic design. Here are some useful information about how we onboard our clients, the whole process will be done online.

We will schedule an online discussion to give a short introduction to discuss possibilities. This can either be done on WhatsApp or Google Meets.

Understanding Your Needs
Tell us your vision, objectives, and specific design requirements; we will ask questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand, target audience, and preferences. This will gauge our ability to meet your requirements.

Financing Options
At the beginning, we will require upfront payment for smaller amounts. We can also do payment in stages for larger amounts.

For smaller projects, our turnaround rate is usually 1-2 days, same day if required. For bigger projects (not-straightforward), the first draft will take 1 week to complete.

We encourage our clients to provide examples of marketing materials before starting on a new project. Clients will provide feedback for us to work on after the first draft is out. There will be 2 revisions after first draft to complete the project.

Final Approval
Once the artwork is approved, we will prepare the final artwork according to what was agreed in the beginning.

This is our onboarding process for first-time clients. We’ve solved countless marketing problems for our clients with our expertise in graphic design and we hope to do the same for you too. Contact us now to explore possibilities.