Since 2018, we have designed lots of logos across different industries, some of which you might have seen before. Here are some information for our most popular service. If you’re a new business/company, we look forward to begin the business journey with you.

Begin with an idea in mind.

We need to see some examples of logos you like. These examples can be found on Google, Pinterest etc. This is very important for us to gauge and manage expectations.

Graphic design is subjective. collaborative.

Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to design. Explore what other existing brands are doing for their logo if you’re engaging a graphic design team for the first time.


1. Initial Discussion

We qualify our clients to see if they are suitable for our logo design service.

2. Revision

We offer up to 2 revisions after the first draft to complete the look.

3. Completion

Final output for your logo design will be PDF, JPEG and PNG.

Let the work begin

If you’re happy with our minimalistic approach for your logo design, let’s start working on your logo together.


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