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Logo Design

Every Business Starts with a Logo

The logo is the most basic building block of marketing because it represents your business. Everything you do ties back to the logo and what your company stands for. You don’t have to start with the perfect logo but a professionally created one can really help you in the long run. We are trying to refine the logo design process, making it a smooth and efficient for clients interested in getting their logo professionally done.

Our Logo Design Process

Step 1

Client to provide samples of logos they like and also preferred color scheme. We will need your brand name and what’s required on the logo. First draft will usually be ready within 1-3 days.

Step 2

After 1-3 days, we will send over first draft for your review. We allow up to 2 revisions from the client, anything after will be charged accordingly.

Step 3

We provide Png, Jpg & PDF as our final output for our logo design. We will ensure sure that all our logos are good for all types of usage such as print.

Let's Create your Logo

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