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2023 has been a good year for Jushfoundry considering all the economic instability happening in the region. This is our reflection for the year.

Office Closure
The decision to close our office at the beginning of the year was made to better manage our running costs. In 2024, we will be thinking of how to maximize the use of our office space before opening a new one.

Marketing Venture
In 2023, we committed more of our resources to managing marketing requirements for clients. This was a gap we wanted to attack for the longest time; with our expertise in graphic design, we can easily leverage this and help our clients grow their brand by putting out marketing materials fast and efficiently. 

Meraki Salon was our first marketing client. For nearly 2 years, we have been working on growing their brand with our full marketing support that includes website management, Google ads and many more. We are really glad that they have grown their business exponentially and has moved to a more centralized location at Bugis.

Branding from Scratch
Kebab King was an opportunity given to us by a long-time client that we really appreciate. The project was really interesting because we had to design the brand from scratch.

They are now opened at Oxley Tower, serving the CBD crowd in the area and moving towards expansion. This was the first time we had worked on a comprehensive branding deck that covers everything from the packaging to the store’s interior. Seeing the branding deck come to life gave us a sense of accomplishment.

Graphic Design & Marketing Support
We managed to convince one of the old-school bubble tea brands in Singapore to come onboard after working on a project together.

With Each-a-Cup onboard, we believe we can convince more businesses to outsource their marketing and graphic design to us. At the moment, we are working together on many interesting projects, do look forward to what they have installed for you in 2024.

Event Booth Management
This was the main highlight of our year. We have now completed at least 5 event booth management for our clients. Our services now include photography & videography, custom corporate gifts, backdrop design, execution and print.

We have also add on more capabilities such as logistical support that offers point to point delivery. It is crucial for us to close the marketing loop for our clients in order to provide a one-stop solution for everything in marketing.

Moving Forward to 2024
We’ve come a long way since 2018 when we started with nothing. More businesses are starting to understand the importance of graphic design in their marketing materials. We strongly believe graphic design can give businesses the advantage when it comes to building a brand.

In 2024, prices will be rising as there will be an increase in GST to 9%. New technologies such as AI and machine learning will become more prominent. 

We are constantly listening to the market, working on feedback, reading extensively, and upgrading our skills to prepare ourselves for future challenges. Our goal remains the same, we will strive to provide the competitive edge for all our clients in terms of marketing.

In our next post, we will outline our plans briefly as we look forward to 2024.

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