We've been working with many clients from different fields over the past year. Many of which are first-timers. Here is a proven method to help you get your Graphic Design work done. We hope that with this simple 3-step guide, we can help you kick start your Graphic Design journey with Jushfoundry.

First, you have to create a brief for us by gathering different resources such as your logo, content and images you want to include in your marketing material. All these can also be done by us using our own resources, but this will come at a cost. This will serve as a great start.

Second, communicate your brief and all the problems you're facing so that we understand your requirements and also to manage your expectations regarding our capabilities. We will do our best to give you the best graphic design advice accordingly. After confirmation, then we will try our best to give you a favourable quote.

Lastly, we will usually take 2-3 days or earlier to come up with the first draft for your design work. After the first draft, we offer up to 2 minor changes. After which, we will start charging if necessary (we won't charge if the change is minor, we are reasonable). Please do note that we do not provide working files unless there's certain requirements to do so.

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