Jushfoundry Singapore Marketing and Graphic Design

Frequently Asked Questions

With professional graphic design, you can now appeal to your target audiences through your marketing message.

All the time. Your business can now look more professional with graphic design because first impressions really count.

You could be doing more with your business instead of working on graphic design. If you’re not trained, you’ll be wasting both time and money to create something that might not be appealing and can be frustrating.

The question is why not? If you’re really sincere in getting your marketing collaterals done, we will always be here for you. Having a designer on your side for your business is important. We believe in building healthy and happy relationships with all our clients. It’s important take a look at our works before deciding to work with us.

We have a very strict policy for changes being made to any artwork after first draft. We do not offer unlimited changes. This is to safeguard our interests and to save time. It doesn’t make sense to constantly change an artwork, this is why it’s important to visit our portfolio because design can be subjective. We are very reasonable and understanding.

We are constantly working with different clients for their marketing needs. This doesn’t mean we are working on your project for 3 days. The lead time is there to help cushion our multiple project timeline. In the event that we manage to finish up earlier, we will send your artwork over.

It takes time to build a working relationship with any new client. We’ve done this many times. We started with zero clients. The first draft might not be what you’re looking for, this is why we have 2 more changes to solve this issue. It is important to be patient when it comes to the first draft.

No, we will not release any working file under any circumstance unless discussed otherwise. However,  you can rest assure that your final files will be good for print and online.

We will never provide options unless it’s paid for. However, we have 2 minor changes after first draft, we can work towards what you’re looking for after the first draft is out.

The goal is to solve all our client’s marketing problems. Currently, we can do a wide-range of services such as artwork, printing, t-shirt printing, badges, website design and delivery services. We are constantly doing our best to add value to all our clients by offering the best price, feel free to check in with us.

  • Graphic Design is subjective, it’s important to view our portfolio to see if we are good enough for you.
  • We offer up to 2 minor changes after first draft, after-which, changes might be chargeable.
  • We usually require upfront payment if the job value is lesser than $300 (can be discussed).
  • By engaging us, you trust us with your design because of our expertise.
  • We reserve the right to turn down any client we feel unsuitable for our service.

We prefer not to do anything related to multi-level marketing products, religious and illegal stuffs. We respect every business, these are our preferences.

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